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When it comes to the facilities and amenities at Camella Glenmont, you can expect to enjoy the same facilities available to other Camella developments. These amenities are incorporated into the site development plan to provide leisure and recreational opportunities for future homeowners. You do not have to travel or go elsewhere in order to satisfy your lifestyle needs – whether it is for relaxation or fitness purposes. You can find almost everything you need within the walls of this subdivision.

One of the most notable features of the Camella house and lot development is the beautifully designed entrance gate. This is consistent with the theme of the entire subdivision. Hence, you can experience the prestige of this house and lot community the moment you step into the subdivision. The entrance gate is also manned by security personnel. They are responsible for overseeing the entry and exit of vehicles (and people) into the subdivision. In addition to an entrance gate, there is a perimeter wall that protects the entire subdivision from unauthorized entry. This is to ensure that only homeowners and authorized guests are allowed entry into the subdivision premises. This is part of the security system in place to ensure that homeowners are safe and can live worry-free.

There are also plenty of landscaped areas throughout the subdivision. This is yet another Camella Homes signature that you can expect to find in this house and lot community. From the entrance gate to the major rotundas inside the subdivision, you will find lots of landscaped and green spaces. It brings forth a sense of nature to the living environment while also adding a cool and scenic vibe to the entire subdivision.

Aside from the landscaped rotundas, there are plenty of open spaces in the subdivision. The main roads are also wide and provide lots of comfortable spaces for homeowners to use. The main roads and sidewalks are concretized so you can drive and walk comfortably. The sidewalks are also spacious enough to be used as jogging paths or for walking your pets around the subdivision. 

Speaking of jogging and walking, there are plenty of facilities at Camella Glenmont that you can use to stay active. There is a basketball court within the subdivision that can be used to play various kinds of sport. It could also serve as a multi-purpose venue. For the children, there are plenty of open spaces, playgrounds, and pocket parks that they can use. It is a great way to invite your children to go out and enjoy nature. For the adults, the pocket parks can have picnic areas that you can use to relax in. It is a great spot to bring your entire family over and have some quality bonding time.

Finally, there is a community clubhouse that also features elegant Mediterranean style architecture. This would be a great venue for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and reunions. Other miscellaneous features you can enjoy are the overhead water tank (to ensure clean and safe water for homeowners) and an efficient drainage system to keep the subdivision flood-free even during heavy rains.

  • Guard House
  • Perimeter Wall
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Picnic Areas
  • Children's Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Pocket Parks with Garden
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